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Virtual Events
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Church Services
Sundays and Wednesdays
* 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT:  Join The Empire Of Jesus Christ World Evangelism with Evangelist and Pastor Talitha Cumi for their twice per week worldwide prophetic online church services.  You will experience a move of Jehovah God when you attend this online cyber church.  Live link: The Empire Of Jesus Christ World Evangelism - Youtube.  Contact: evgtalithacumi@aol.com or www.EmpireofJesusChrist.org.  (Photo: Pastor Evg. Talitha Cumi, host.)

* 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm ET / 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm PT:  Listen to the Repairer Of The Breach Podcast with Pastor Debra Curry, host.  The show features informative and stimulating discussions about current news stories, trending authors, artists, entrepreneurs, pastors, CEOs, organizations and others.   Search www.facebook.com or for link details, contact wmbe247@aol.com.  (Photo: Pastor Debra Curry, host.)

Radio broadcasts
* 10 pm ET / 7 pm PT:  Listen each week to The Friday Night Gospel Steppers Show, hosted by Andre L. Carter - The Godfather of Chicago Gospel Internet Radio.  Put on your dancin shoes and enjoy this Holy Ghost Party featuring a masterful mix of Gospel hits and Old School R&B classics.  Live link: www.synergy1radio.com.  Also listen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  Contact: alcarter@synergy1radio.com or www.Synergy1Radio.com.   (Photo: Andre L. Carter, host.)

Television broadcasts
* None advertised

-- Others --
* None advertised

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